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The first simple steps to accomplishing anything

by Bryant McGill February 10, 2018

1. Don’t wait for the right time

Do not put your life on hold, somewhere off into the future, where you dream you will allegedly, one day, be happy, fulfilled and on your path of purpose. The only moment you have guaranteed is this very moment right now. Quit saying the words, “one day.” That day may never come. You have enormous power and enormous value. You can begin in this very moment living in the ways that humans were intended to live, which is to live in joy, happiness, with purpose, and free from fear, worry and doubt.

2. Creatively visualize your future, and see yourself as a worthy

Creatively visualize your future, and see yourself as a worthy and deserving participant of the abundance of your own design and value. The answers that you need are not in the external. They are IN you, as the unique value that is inherent in each unique soul. The value is inside of you. You can exercise choice in developing yourself and guiding your creative stream of energy in the world, in any way you desire. Realize your tremendous value and your unique contribution to the world. Look around you in this moment, and be happy and live with gratitude and joy.

3. Release want and open yourself to faith and knowing

Live with desires, but not insatiable wants perpetuated by constant dissatisfaction. Develop a relationship and a deeper appreciation for your own unique self— the only YOU in the world. The master tools of success are invitation, patience, time, gentleness, cooperation, and surrender. Let go of everything. That is how you get everything; you let go of everything.

4. Learn to Re-cognize by first visualizing within

Changing your mind can move you into another dimension. Passages can materialize exposing a hidden world that was there all along. But there is no passage for a closed mind and heart. The expansion of your world, and in fact, your reality — expands and contracts with the arch of your mind and heart. A broad mind and heart inherits a broad and wonderful world; a narrow mind and heart suffocates in the tiny cage of their making. Empowerment is often little more than noticing what was once unnoticed and finding what was always there.

5. Your vision determines your destination — so visualize

Each moment has an unrealized dimension of possibility that only your perspective can liberate. Your perspectives change your realities. Your vision determines your destination. Having a sense of purpose is having a sense of self. A course to plot is a destination to hope for. Plot your course today.

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Bryant McGill
Bryant McGill


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