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10 Products You Need for an Italian Countryside Wedding (That You Can Buy Now!)

by Hannah Baker May 03, 2018

Want to get that rustic Italian wedding vibe even if your venue isn't in Tuscany? We've rounded up 10 products you need to pull off the romance of an Italian summer wedding.

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Everything You Need for a Seaside Chic Wedding (That You Can Buy Now!)

by Hannah Baker April 27, 2018

We were inspired by one of our favorite seaside real weddings to round up a list of products perfect for nailing the laid-back vibe.

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Should You Hire a Security Guard for Your Wedding?

by Jen Glantz April 24, 2018

Security isn't only a royal wedding necessity, but something that might be worth the extra cash to keep wedding day drama at bay.

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How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart When There's A Lot of Family Drama

by Jen Glantz April 23, 2018

It's your wedding day, so you want everyone there to celebrate—even those who might not get along. Have one happy reception with these seating tips.

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Pineapple Wedding Decor: A Pinterest-Approved Trend You'll Love

by Christina Oehler April 07, 2018

Adding pineapples into your wedding decor is the perfect way to add a touch of fun to any wedding style.

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3 Real Couples Who Got Together at Someone Else's Wedding

by Jessie Mooney April 03, 2018

"I told the other bridesmaids, 'I'm going to marry that guy.'"

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50 Most Romantic Wedding Songs of All time

by Kristi Kellogg April 02, 2018

There's one thing every wedding needs: a generous helping of romantic wedding songs. Discover songs that will make your reception feel like a giant love fest.

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This Was the Top Wedding Song the Year You Were Born—Until Now!

by Christina Oehler April 02, 2018

These are the most popular first dance songs at wedding receptions from the past 50 years. Was yours one of these?

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6 Unique Wedding Reception Seating Ideas

by Blair Donovan March 31, 2018

Think outside the box and take your table and chair arrangements to the next level at your wedding with these 6 unique reception seating ideas.

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7 Creative Ways To Add Marquee Letters to Your Reception Decor

by Christina Oehler March 24, 2018

Give your wedding reception a pop of color by incorporating these gorgeous marquee letters into your decor.

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7 Ways to Host an Eco-Friendly Wedding

by Gabriella Rello March 23, 2018

We rounded up three simple ways to go green on your big day—without sacrificing style. Try these eco-friendly wedding tips.

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How to Make Your Single Wedding Guests Feel Included

by Ivette Manners March 23, 2018

Plan a wedding celebration that won’t make anyone feel left out, even if they're not bringing a plus one.

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The Ultimate Wedding-Planning Checklist

by Kristi Kellogg March 19, 2018

Now that you're engaged, it's time to start planning. Plan a stress-free path to "I do" with the ultimate wedding-planning checklist.

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9 Creative Ways to Serve Beer at Your Wedding

by Heather Lee March 09, 2018

We rounded up the most creative ways to serve beer during cocktail hour that will impress all of your guests.

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7 Cootie Catcher Wedding Ideas To Bring Out Your Inner Child

by Heather Lee March 02, 2018

Channel your grade school self with these adorable cootie catcher details that are perfect for any wedding theme.

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Wedding Idea We Love: Writing Letters to Guests

by Heather Lee February 25, 2018

Don't wait until afterwards: give each guest a special thank you note on your big day for them to enjoy.

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6 Show-Stopping Modern Ceremony Backdrops

by Heather Lee February 24, 2018

Your vows will be even more stunning with these installations behind you during your wedding ceremony.

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How to Incorporate Your Online “How We Met” Story Into Your Wedding

by Heather Lee February 24, 2018

Because who says your online dating app story isn't an adorable addition to your wedding reception decor?

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7 Cocktail Bars With Monogram Details

by Heather Lee February 23, 2018

These adorable monogrammed cocktail bar ideas will complete the look for any type of wedding reception.

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Millennials, Rejoice! Selfie Stations Are the New Photo Booths

by Heather Lee February 23, 2018

Grab your instant camera or iPad and some props and try out this hi-tech DIY trend taking over wedding receptions.

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6 Insanely Creative Wedding Details Based On Your Professions

by Heather Lee February 20, 2018

Your guests will love these perfectly fitting details that match you and your partner's professions.

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19 Ways To Use Balloons In Your Wedding Decor

by Anna Price Olson February 19, 2018

Use the hottest wedding trend to elevate your wedding reception, engagement shoots, bridal shower, and more with balloon decorations on the walls, tables, floors—you name it.

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8 Boozy Escort-Card Ideas

by Heather Lee February 17, 2018

These alcohol-inspired escort cards are a fun way to get the reception party started early with a little bit of booze.

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10 Marble Wedding Details That Are Beyond Gorgeous

by Anna Price Olson February 16, 2018

No longer just for kitchens and bathrooms, marble is taking over the wedding sphere. Here's how to incorporate it into your nuptials.

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