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Brides Live Wedding: The Wedding Deets

by Razmig Messerian April 23, 2018

Janelle and Shola are the lovely stars of Brides Live Wedding, but we’d like to give a shout-out to our stellar sponsors as well. Without them, this happily ever after wouldn’t be possible!

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8 Real Brides Share One Thing They Regret Splurging On For Their Wedding

by Erin Celletti April 15, 2018

These real women get brutally honest with aspects of their wedding they wish they had skipped.

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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Married at Your Alma Mater

by Jenna Milliner-Waddell April 14, 2018

Hear from real brides on why they chose their alma mater as a wedding venue, and how they made it super chic.

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The Top 5 Pet-Friendly Wedding Venues in the US

by Jen Glantz March 25, 2018

If you want your fur baby to be included in your wedding day, check out these 5 hotels that pamper your pup as much as you!

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10 Signs You Are Too Stressed Over Your Wedding

by Jenn Sinrich March 16, 2018

No matter how perfect you want your big day to be, becoming too stressed will do more harm than good. Here are 10 signs you need to take a step back.

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21 of Our Favorite Father-Daughter First Look Wedding Photos

by Ivette Manners March 15, 2018

The bride and groom first look is pretty great, but these father-daughter first look wedding photos will melt your heart.

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25 Super Chic French-Inspired Wedding Details

by Hillary Hoffower March 13, 2018

The cool-girl aesthetic you are searching for can be achieved with these très chic French-inspired wedding details.

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5 Wedding Professionals Using Sustainable Practices

by Jaimie Mackey March 07, 2018

These women in the wedding industry, from planners to jewelers, are helping couples tie the knot and take care of the world around us at the same time.

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Wedding Coordinator vs. Planner vs. Designer: What's the Difference?

by Jaimie Mackey March 06, 2018

What, exactly, is the difference between a wedding planner, a wedding designer and a wedding coordinator? Read on to find out what each different role entails!

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4 Stunning Inexpensive & Budget-Friendly Wedding Venue Ideas

by Jaimie Mackey February 08, 2018

Forget the traditional venues—these alternative options are gorgeous and won’t break the bank or go over your budget.

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Here's How to Get a Celebrity to Come to Your Wedding

by Danielle Deavens February 02, 2018

Looking to add some star power to your guest list? Here's how to get a celebrity guest to perform a mini-concert at the reception.

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33 Tips for a Bride Planning Her Own Wedding

by Mindy Weiss February 01, 2018

Consider this your DIY wedding planning checklist!

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How to Create a Wedding Budget and Save for What you Really Want

by Jaimie Mackey January 14, 2018

Bridal expert Sharon Naylor shares her tips for having a beautiful wedding for less so you can save money for what you actually need.

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20 Wedding Themes for Every Bridal Style

by Blair Donovan January 04, 2018

With so many different wedding themes, it's hard to pick the one that matches your style. We rounded up 20 themes to help make your decision easier.

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How to Create a Wedding Budget in 5 Simple Steps

by Katie James December 30, 2017

Take the stress out of planning by figuring out how to set a wedding budget you can stick to. Follow these steps to determine what to spend and how to save!

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Choosing a Wedding Date: When Should We Pick Our Date?

by Jaimie Mackey December 16, 2017

Resist the urge to choose a wedding date the second you get engaged—at least until you and your fiancé consider these factors.

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11 Neon Wedding Signs To Brighten Your Reception

by Heather Lee November 28, 2017

Brighten up your wedding reception with these 11 stunning neon signs that will catch any guest's eye.

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6 Modern Signage Installations for a Contemporary Wedding

by Heather Lee November 27, 2017

Welcome your wedding guests with these chic and minimalist signage installations at your contemporary reception.

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Can We Put Wedding Planning On Hold for the Holidays?

by Jaimie Mackey November 23, 2017

If you’re getting overwhelmed with so much on your wedding to-do list, can you put planning on hold until things the holidays calm down?

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Wedding Trend: Swings at the Reception

by Heather Lee November 12, 2017

Add romantic swings at your reception for a fun and playful accent that guests are sure to love (and use!)

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How to Have a Park Wedding

by Rona Gindin November 08, 2017

Insider tips for the perfect al fresco affair.

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Hundreds of Couples Have Married at This Doughnut Shop

by Danielle Deavens October 31, 2017

The quirky ceremony will set your heart a-glaze. The Portland doughnut shop has performed these legally-binding ceremonies for years.

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The New Wedding Planning App Brides Will Want to Download ASAP

by Meredith Lepore October 29, 2017

This new wedding technology must-have is basically straight out of "Back to the Future."

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How To Throw a Tasteful (Not Tacky) Halloween Wedding

by Lauren Matthews October 23, 2017

Unique wedding ideas for a Halloween wedding theme.

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