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Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring: Do You Need Both?

by Heather Lee November 12, 2017

We pinned down the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band, and whether you actually need to buy both.

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35 Men's Wedding Bands He'll Love

by Lauren Frankfort October 29, 2017

Tie the knot with a timeless ring that speaks to his personality. Whether he's searching for a platinum wedding band or a yellow gold style, we found plenty of men's rings you both will love!

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21 Cool Ideas for Couple's Wedding Tattoos

by Aviel Kanter October 12, 2017

Here is everything you need to know before you ink that wedding tattoo, plus 21 design inspiration pics from real couples.

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How to Get Rid of Wedding Ring Rash (and What Causes It!)

by Elizabeth Mitchell September 20, 2017

Is the skin beneath your ring red, itchy and bumpy? You've got a case of wedding ring rash. Find out more about this skin condition and how to heal it!

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Wedding Ring Finger: Why Do We Wear It on the Left Hand?

by Jessie Mooney September 12, 2017

Uncover the history behind the age-old tradition. Find out why the left hand is the one with the wedding ring finer.

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40 Unique Wedding Rings for the Cool Bride, Cool Wedding Rings

by Lauren Frankfort June 26, 2017

Your engagement ring isn't the only special piece of jewelry you'll be wearing on that finger — your band should be as unique and special as your relationship! From geometric, milgrain diamond settings to floral etchings, these rings are super unique.

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