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Why Energy Work Might Be The Solution to Pre-Wedding Stress

by Kathryn Romeyn May 07, 2018

The stress of wedding planning can throw even the most together person off. Try these holistic approaches to get you down the aisle.

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7 Items to Help with PMS, Cramps, and Your Period

by Erin Celletti April 28, 2018

When that time of the month hits hard, look to these products to help get you through your period.

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The Best Mother's Day Spas and Pampering Packages

by Lindsay Cohn April 27, 2018

To help you pick the perfect spot to spoil your mama, we rounded up eight luxury spas with amazing Mother’s Day offerings she’s sure to love.

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Couples Who Do THIS While Traveling Have the Best Vacations

by Jessie Mooney April 24, 2018

From packing healthy snacks in your carry-on to working out in your hotel room, here's how to keep up your healthy habits while on the fly.

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How to Battle Spring Allergies on Your Big Day

by Erin Celletti April 22, 2018

We turned to an allergist for tips on staying sneeze- and itch-free during your springtime "I dos."

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Celebrate Earth Day—or Your Honeymoon—With These 9 Eco-Spa Treatments

by Lindsay Cohn April 22, 2018

From a cedar enzyme bath to a crushed cabernet scrub, these tantalizing treatments tout earth-to-spa ingredients and are perfect for a spa honeymoon.

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Everything Brides Should Know About Vitamins and Supplements

by Erin Celletti April 14, 2018

Our expert nutritionist breaks down what all brides need to know about vitamins and supplements for sleep, hair, skin and beyond.

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Why Drinking Enough Water is EXTRA Important For Brides-To-Be

by Erin Celletti April 10, 2018

Clinical Nutritionist Shira Sussi explains why H2O is a necessity for brides-to-be planning their wedding.

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5 Simple Date Night Recipes From Trader Joe's

by Kate Donovan April 06, 2018

These oh-so-easy recipes from Trader Joe's are perfect for weeknight meals when you and your partner just need to chill.

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What Does Gynecologist Tested REALLY Mean?

by Erin Celletti March 30, 2018

Here, we investigate what companies mean when they add "gynecologist tested" to their product labels—the findings might surprise you.

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33 Gym Outfits to Keep You Motivated During Pre-Wedding Workouts

by Laura Lajiness March 29, 2018

Because shedding for the wedding is ten times more fun in cute gym clothes that will withstand any workout.

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30-Day Spring Cleaning Wellness Challenge

by Shaun Dreisbach March 01, 2018

Want some spring cleaning tips for your mind, body, and home? We've got a month's worth of daily tips that will help you get there!

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Unique Spa Treatments Around the World

by Lindsay Cohn March 01, 2018

If you have the time (and the moolah) to travel the world for a bit of pampering, these are the state-of-the-art spa services that should be on your radar.

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The Best Streaming Workouts Busy Brides Can Do at Home

by Roberta Correia February 14, 2018

Looking for the perfect wedding workout? We found the best streaming workouts for busy brides that you can do right at home.

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Meal Delivery Services for Busy As Hell Couples

by Erin Celletti February 07, 2018

Finding time to cook healthy, homemade meals in between wedding planning can seem near impossible. Enter: meal delivery services.

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3 Couple's Workouts for Valentine's Day

by Jessie Mooney February 04, 2018

When your partner already makes your heart race, why not put it to good use with one of our partner workouts

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4 Wellness Techniques That Calm Pre-Wedding Jitters

by Kathryn Romeyn January 11, 2018

Don't let your big day get you down: use these four amazing techniques to calm down pre-wedding day.

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31 Boutique Fitness Studios for Your Wedding Workout

by Kathryn Romeyn January 05, 2018

We dove deep into the boutique fitness studio scene to round up the top fitness studios for your wedding workout. See the 31 best fitness studios across the country.

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Best Bath Salts to Melt Away Wedding-Planning Stress

by Lindsay Cohn December 06, 2017

Studies show that a warm bath is one of the best ways release tension, so soak away your stress with one of these soothing bath salts.

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5 Ways to Stay Active Together Pre-Wedding When It's Cold Outside

by Lindsay Tigar November 22, 2017

Don't let all the holiday food and the cold weather stop you and your partner from staying in shape for the wedding.

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7 Meditation Apps Guaranteed to Help Even the Most Stressed Brides-to-Be Relax

by Erin Celletti October 05, 2017

You need look no further than the screen of your iPhone for some serious relaxation! Here are our favorite apps to de-stress.

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The 5 Beauty Supplements You Need Right Now

by Ariella Goldsmith October 05, 2017

These buzzy, all-natural beauty supplements will have your skin glowing from the inside out in time for your wedding day!

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Essential Oils You Need in Your Pre-Wedding Wellness Routine

by Lindsay Cohn October 02, 2017

Essential oils can help improve mood and promote calmness and clarity for seriously stressed-out brides.

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Nutritionist Tips for Pre-Wedding Dieters, the Healthy Way

by Erin Celletti September 23, 2017

If you're trying to lose weight before the big day, try these healthy diet tips that will make you feel and look your best without drastic measures.

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