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The Best Streaming Workouts Busy Brides Can Do at Home

by Roberta Correia February 14, 2018

Looking for the perfect wedding workout? We found the best streaming workouts for busy brides that you can do right at home.

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Meal Delivery Services for Busy As Hell Couples

by Erin Celletti February 07, 2018

Finding time to cook healthy, homemade meals in between wedding planning can seem near impossible. Enter: meal delivery services.

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3 Couple's Workouts for Valentine's Day

by Jessie Mooney February 04, 2018

When your partner already makes your heart race, why not put it to good use with one of our partner workouts

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4 Wellness Techniques That Calm Pre-Wedding Jitters

by Kathryn Romeyn January 11, 2018

Don't let your big day get you down: use these four amazing techniques to calm down pre-wedding day.

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31 Boutique Fitness Studios for Your Wedding Workout

by Kathryn Romeyn January 05, 2018

We dove deep into the boutique fitness studio scene to round up the top fitness studios for your wedding workout. See the 31 best fitness studios across the country.

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Best Bath Salts to Melt Away Wedding-Planning Stress

by Lindsay Cohn December 06, 2017

Studies show that a warm bath is one of the best ways release tension, so soak away your stress with one of these soothing bath salts.

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5 Ways to Stay Active Together Pre-Wedding When It's Cold Outside

by Lindsay Tigar November 22, 2017

Don't let all the holiday food and the cold weather stop you and your partner from staying in shape for the wedding.

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7 Meditation Apps Guaranteed to Help Even the Most Stressed Brides-to-Be Relax

by Erin Celletti October 05, 2017

You need look no further than the screen of your iPhone for some serious relaxation! Here are our favorite apps to de-stress.

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The 5 Beauty Supplements You Need Right Now

by Ariella Goldsmith October 05, 2017

These buzzy, all-natural beauty supplements will have your skin glowing from the inside out in time for your wedding day!

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Essential Oils You Need in Your Pre-Wedding Wellness Routine

by Lindsay Cohn October 02, 2017

Essential oils can help improve mood and promote calmness and clarity for seriously stressed-out brides.

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Nutritionist Tips for Pre-Wedding Dieters, the Healthy Way

by Erin Celletti September 23, 2017

If you're trying to lose weight before the big day, try these healthy diet tips that will make you feel and look your best without drastic measures.

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Sleep Deprivation During Wedding Planning Does Crazy Things to Your Brain

by Jessie Mooney August 22, 2017

Anyone planning a wedding—read this asap! A scientific study that suggests sleep deprivation is hurting your head in a freaky way.

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Flywheel Introduces Its First Wedding Workout Plan

by Roberta Correia August 14, 2017

Flywheel has launched a custom 5 day wedding workout plan for brides-to-be. Get the inside scoop on the new exercise plan.

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The Arm Workout to Do If You Absolutely Hate Push-Ups

by SELF June 23, 2017

Get strong arms with these 6 resistance band exercises.

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