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Best Places to Visit in Europe for a Spa Vacation

by Lindsay Cohn June 05, 2018

With top-notch spas and upscale resorts, these are the best places to visit in Europe for a spa vacation.

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Should You Plan Your Wedding Around Your period?

by Erin Bunch May 30, 2018

When picking a wedding date, consider the season, your guests' availability, the weather, and the perfect point in your menstrual cycle.

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6 Apps To Help Beginner Runners Get Moving

by Erin Celletti May 28, 2018

Just what you need to get the ball rolling with your pre- and post-wedding fitness routine.

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How You Can Learn to Love (or at Least Like) Working Out

by Erin Celletti May 24, 2018

Read on for 5 tips on how to make your workout the best part of your day.

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Excessive Sweating: How to Avoid Being a Sweaty Mess at Your Summer Wedding

by Erin Celletti May 23, 2018

Whether it's from nerves or the heat, sweat never goes well with a wedding dress. Here's what you can do to prevent it on your wedding day.

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6 Pre-Wedding Wellness Supplements for Brides

by Kathryn Romeyn May 05, 2018

Try these feel-good potions perfect for brides-to-be working on their pre-wedding beauty routine, inside and out.

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