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How to Plan and Create Your Own Wedding Ceremony

by Jaimie Mackey June 07, 2018

Wondering how to plan a wedding ceremony that is unique and heartfelt? Discover expert tips on how to write a wedding ceremony from scratch.

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9 Church Wedding Decorations to Enhance Your Ceremony

by Blair Donovan May 09, 2018

If you and your spouse are having a church wedding, check out our roundup of pretty church decorations to fill the entire venue, pews and all.

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20 Famous Wedding Vows from Movies and TV to Inspire Your Own

by Kristi Kellogg May 05, 2018

These famous wedding vows will go down in history as some of the sweetest nuptials — discover 20 of the best wedding vows from movies and television!

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What Should I Expect At An Israeli Wedding?

by Jessie Mooney April 29, 2018

Read all about various Israeli wedding ceremonies, traditions, and fashion from our Weddings Around the World series.

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