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23 Wedding Horror Stories That'll Make You Glad You're Single

by Kayla Suazo June 03, 2017

A crime scene, some broken bones, and a whole lotta puke.

"The worst speech I ever heard was from the father of the bride. He explained that when she was little, her favorite thing was to snuggle with was her mom's silk panties. Then he presented the groom with a new pair of silks for the bride. Everyone squirmed. It was so uncomfortable."

TV Land

"So I'm a wedding photographer, as I'm sure you can imagine I've seen a lot of weird and crazy stuff. But the worst of all had to be when the groom took his wedding vows off the Internet.... I am a lover of the TV show Grey's Anatomy, so when the groom started his vows my jaw immediately dropped! No joke, line for line the groom was spouting the monologue of TV's Dr. Burke in the episode where he's going to marry Christina. Talking all about how he holds hearts and heals hearts.... the groom is not a doctor, he worked with trains.... the bride is crying, everyone in the church was crying, and there I am standing there trying not to burst out laughing!"

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Kayla Suazo
Kayla Suazo


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