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Zveil | Top 10 Wedding Day Prep Tips

by Taylor Ridge August 24, 2016

Zveil | Top 10 Wedding Day Prep Tips

As the wedding date approaches, your list of to-do’s seems to increase. Even if you are incredibly organized and have hired a wedding planner, we recommend keeping a personal checklist as well. Here are Zveil’s Top 10 Wedding Day Prep Tips to get you ready for your big day!

  1. Bouquet Adornments

Bouquet adornments are a perfect way to personalize your flowers. Tying sentimental trinkets, ribbons or lockets are sweet additions to your bouquet.

  1. Get Your Ring Cleaned

It’s your special day and you want to shine in every way! Getting your ring shined up by a professional will keep you sparkly.

  1. Invitation Photo-Op

This is an easy one to forget since invitations are sent out in advance. Leaving out a set of invitations gives your photographer an opportunity to snap some shots of your beautiful invites.

  1. Gifts for Your Bridal Party

Thank your lady-friends for being a part of your special day by giving them a sweet gift. Don’t know where to start? Check out our 5 Adorable Gifts that Your Bridesmaids Will Love blog here!

  1. Marriage License

It’s easy to forget this one but it’s definitely the most important thing to keep on your checklist!

  1. Comfy Shoes

Us women understand this struggle very well… to look cute or be comfy? Why not both? Keep an extra pair of comfy shoes for when you’ve danced until your heels hurt. You’ll be so happy you did.

  1. Post-Wedding Helpers

Most venues require clean-ups that night or the morning following. You don’t want to spoil your newly-wed bliss by needing to clean up. Appoint a few members of your bridal/groomsmen party and have them help with that task.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Chargers

While we recommend trying to stay off your phone as much as possible, we know answering some phone calls/texts is inevitable - mostly from your vendors! Keep your items charged and be sure to bring the proper charging accessories so you’re not left with dead phones. You’ll also want it for the camera!

  1. Getting Ready Music

This is the fun part! Be sure to ask your bridesmaids to create a playlist dedicated to the pampering session of your day. There’s nothing champagne and music can’t make better!

  1. Touch Ups

If you are getting ready in a different location, you will most definitely want to keep a touch up bag handy. You’ll want to keep yourself photo-ready and refreshed all day!

That’s it for our Top 10 Wedding Day Prep Tips! We hope your wedding day is a huge success. Add these to your personal list of wedding must-do’s and your wedding prep is bound to be successful. For more tips & tricks, check out our other blogs!

Taylor Ridge
Taylor Ridge


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